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Revolutionize Your Productivity with GreatColor AI

OneClick AI, proudly presented by GreatColor AI, is a powerful tool that streamlines workflows for both businesses and individuals. It efficiently extracts and summarizes key points from extensive content in any language and from any website, all with just one click. 

OneClickAI is available on Google Web Store

Summarize Articles

Google Research

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Project Communication

Unlocking Efficiency
The Benefits of OneClick AI

Streamline your copy-paste tasks with just a click! Simply click the extension icon, and the content you need is instantly saved to your clipboard. There's no need to copy again from a popup window. All you have to do is paste the content wherever required. It's that easy!

One-click Extracting

Generate concise and informative summaries of complex documents with a single click. All essential elements, including the title, URL, and summaries, can be generated simultaneously.

Enhanced Project Management

Simplify knowledge sharing within your organization by creating and sharing summaries of important documents and insights.

Results Auto-copied to Clipboard

All the extracted and summarized content is auto-copied. No further action is required; you can directly paste the content from the result window.

Multilingual Summarization

Eliminate language barriers and promote global collaboration with our multilingual summarization capabilities. Effectively summarize a wide range of news articles and other content.

Empowered Individual Research

Empower individual research efforts by generating comprehensive summaries of webpages, articles, and other sources. Tailor the extraction of key information, such as author, source, URL, and other relevant details, to your specific needs.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Languages Supported


Collaboration Platforms Served


Mainstream Social Medias Served


Mainstream News & Media Served


Learning & Training Platforms Served


OneClick AI Supports Extraction and Summarization on whole Google Suite
OneClick AI Supports Extraction  on Jira
OneClick AI Supports Extraction and Summarization on CNN


Why OneClick AI?

With OneClick AI, you can enhance productivity for project management, cross-team collaboration, individual research, and sharing.

  • Have you ever been overlooked by a coworker simply because you shared a reference link without taking the time to emphasize its key points?

  • Have you experienced increased workloads due to misunderstandings of a task among different team members?

  • Do you find yourself spending too much time copying and pasting essential elements from various parts of a webpage?

  • Have you been eager to share links to exciting news or information, only to be constantly asked, "What is this about?"

  • Are you frustrated by endlessly long articles encountered during your research process?

Here is your solution: with OneClick AI, enjoy a worry-free experience!

OneClickAI is available on Google Web Store
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