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With OneClick AI, you can enhance productivity for

project management, cross-team collaboration, individual research, study and sharing.

Summarize Articles

With just one click, users can copy all the key points (including meta info such as title, URL, etc.) and summarize the articles in their preferred languages from any page.


With one click, you can capture all titles and URLs from the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) by search with your target keywords, such as Google or Google Scholar. This feature can significantly enhance research efficiency.

Coding Solutions

For practice websites like LeetCode, with one click, the extension can summarize the question and provide the correct answer among multiple choices. This feature is designed not for quiz cheating but to improve study efficiency during daily practice.

Job Application 

Some individuals prefer to centralize their applications from various platforms into one Excel sheet. This enables them to quickly review more details and identify the companies when they receive interview opportunities. With one click, you can collect all the necessary information (e.g., title, URL, job description, salary range, etc.) and save it directly to Excel.

Project Communication

With one click, users can copy all the key points from Jira, Asana, or similar platforms, including title, URL, assignee, description, priority, etc. This feature is particularly useful because it addresses the issue of team members often missing tickets, making it easier for managers to share critical information.

Daily Sharing 

No matter whether it's your X comment, a meta event, or Slack communication, adding some emojis can make your daily tasks more fun.

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