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OneClick AI

OneClick AI is a powerful tool that instantly understands web content and extracts key points with AI-powered summarization and translation. Boost productivity with just one click. Discover more and get the extension:

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OneClickAI is available on Google Chrome App Store
  • How Can I Activate OneClick AI?
    Option 1: Click the Extension Icon on the Toolbar Pin the extension icon to the Toolbar if it is not there yet. Click the extension icon on the Toolbar. Option 2: Right-click to Open the Context Menu Right-click anywhere on the current webpage. Option 3: Press the Keyboard Shortcut Mac: Cmd+Shift+S Windows/Linux: Ctrl+Shift+S If the keyboard shortcut doesn't work or you want to change it, go to the extension's Options (see below on how to open the Options/Settings page), click Quick Start, and then click Option 4: Press the Keyboard Shortcut, look for the following button and click it (please note that the button only works in the extension): Option 4: Right-click the Extension Icon on the Toolbar Right-click the extension icon on the Toolbar.
  • How Can I Open Options/Settings Page?
    Option 1: Right-click the Extension Icon on the Toolbar Right-click the extension icon on the Toolbar. Option 2: Click the Customize Results Button on the Popup When OneClick AI Is Activated When OneClick AI is activated, click the Customize Results button on the popup.
  • What is OneClick AI?
    GreatColor AI is a powerful tool that helps businesses and individuals streamline their workflow by extracting and summarizing content with one click. With OneClick AI, you can boost productivity for project management, cross-team collaboration, individual research, and sharing.
  • How does OneClick AI work?
    The OneClick AI extension is designed to enhance your experience when copying content from extensive information sources. Once installed, it integrates seamlessly with your browser and can also be added as a bookmarklet in your Bookmarks bar. Simply activate OneClick AI by clicking the extension icon or bookmarklet when you are on a desired web page. It then displays a popup window with key points such as the title, URL, byline, excerpt, and summary (if AI is enabled) in your preferred language, all extracted from the web page. As soon as this information is loaded in the popup window, it is automatically copied to your clipboard, ready to paste wherever needed. Additionally, you have the option to either let the popup result window disappear automatically or remain open until you close it manually. Customization Results in the extension’s Options/Settings page allows you to adjust the format of the extract key info, including Prefix, Suffix, and other special settings, to enhance the overall outcome.
  • Why OneClick AI?
    Whether you need to share critical project updates from platforms like Jira or Slack, disseminate lengthy news articles from sources such as CNN or Fox, or manage overwhelming comments on tweets, our extension streamlines the process. OneClick AI enables you to effortlessly consolidate essential information - project titles, URLs, task details, meta info, and concise summaries in your preferred language - into a single, clear message. It also simplifies summarizing comments while maintaining the source of the original post for easy reference. With OneClick AI, missing details become a thing of the past, ensuring your team or peers receive all necessary information at first glance.
  • How can I customize results?
    You can follow the steps below to customize results: Click the Customize Results button from the popup window (alternatively, you can also right-click the extension icon on the toolbar, select Options, and then click Customize Results). Make sure you are on the desired site, and scroll down to customize resulting elements. Tips for customizing each element: You can hide or unhide it; You can add a prefix or suffix to it; For some special elements (URL, AI, or Path), there are more settings. Please follow the built-in tips for more instructions.
  • On which websites can we use OneClick AI?
    On which websites can we use OneClick AI? OneClick AI is compatible with all webpages. However, detailed customization of results is only available for those sites specified under Options > Customize Results. Please feel free to contact us via our wishlist to suggest new features or to request the addition of specific web pages.
  • Is OneClick AI free to use?
    Our product is currently free to use, but we may introduce paid features or premium options in the future as we expand and improve. Any changes to our pricing will be communicated in advance to ensure transparency with our users.
  • What browsers are supported by OneClick AI?
    We currently support the following browsers: Google Chrome
  • Which AI model does OneClick AI use?
    Currently, OneClick AI uses OpenAI GPT 3.5 and/or 4. In the future, we may switch to using other AI models.
  • What should I do if I get the following messages?
    When you see the following box, clicking Allow will allow OneClick AI to access your clipboard for the current website, which will lower the chance of getting "failed to copy to clipboard" errors in the future.
  • What should I do if I encounter a bug?
    You can either report our bug via our discord community, or email us to info < at > directly.
  • How can I ensure that my popup does not disappear automatically?
    There are 2 ways to prevent the popup from disappearing automatically (i.e., auto-hide). Option 1. Turn off Auto-hide in the Current Popup Session. Let's take YUNIKORN-2180 - Clean up scheduler state initialization as an example. Turn off the Auto-hide button from the popup window. Option 2. Turn off Auto-hide globally. You can turn off auto-hide in the General Settings. Right-click the OneClick AI extension icon on the Toolbar; Select Options; Click General Settings; Uncheck Popup Auto Hide; Click Save. From now on, the popup will not auto-hide, unless you flip the Auto-hide switch in the popup.
  • How can I provide feedback or suggest a feature or a website for OneClick AI to deploy?
    Your wish is our command. Make a wish to our wish pool. We will be on it!
  • How can resolve the issue that everytime it fails to copy to the clipboard after loading the summarized content using OneClick AI?
    This is primarily because of the current Chrome settings (for the current site) is blocking the clipboard access, please follow the following steps to resolve this issue: Click the lock icon in the address bar to the left of the URL; Find the Clipboard permission; Change it from Block to Allow or "Can ask to see text and images on your clipboard"; You might need to refresh the page for changes to take effect.
  • Is my data safe and private while using the extension?
    Yes, your data is safe and private. We wish to inform you that our Service collects certain information automatically when you visit. This includes Log Data like your computer's IP address, browser version, and details of your interaction with our Service such as pages visited, visit dates, and time spent on pages. In addition to this, if you utilize any AI-related features, we may transmit page details to a server; however, we only log certain metadata, NOT the page content itself. We may also collect and send analytical data to servers for the purpose of user behavior analysis. These practices are conducted to enhance our Service and are governed by our commitment to protecting your privacy.
  • How often is the extension updated?
    Our team will do our best to gather customer feedback and update the extension as soon as possible.
  • What are the best practices for using OneClick AI?
    Please refer to the and/or the extension’s Options/Settings page. Here is some additional information you may be interested in: There are several ways to activate the extension (including Bookmarklet, right-click Context Menu, keyboard shortcut, etc); You can customize the results by configuring them on the Options/Settings page of the extension; You can enable or disable the AI feature globally or for individual sites; Report bugs and add sites to the wishlist, and then we will take care of them.
  • How can I fix the keyboard shortcut issue?
    If OneClick AI does NOT respond to the keyboard shortcut or you want to change it. Please follow the steps below: Make sure your browser window is wide enough; In the address type, type chrome://extensions; Click Keyboard shortcuts; Locate OneClick AI, and Activate OneClick AI; Click the pencil icon to edit the shortcut by following the instructions.
  • What should I do if nothing happens when trying to activate OneClick AI?
    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot: Check if there is any notification on the top-right corner of the screen; Check if there is any notification on the bottom-left corner of the browser window; Check if the current webpage is a regular one (the extension's Options page or other Chrome settings pages are not parsable). In most cases, reloading the page will solve the problem. If not, please contact us.
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