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Super Bowl Commercial 2024 List

Updated: Feb 12

As we gear up for the 2024 Super Bowl, anticipation is mounting not just for the game, but also for the commercial lineup set to grace our screens. These advertisements, a cornerstone of the event, promise a blend of innovation, humor, and emotional storytelling that often steals the show. Let's dive in and explore what this year's Super Bowl commercials have in store for us, and examine the reactions they elicit from audiences worldwide. Prepare to be surprised, entertained, and perhaps even moved, as we take a closer look at these masterpieces of advertising.

Here are some most engaging ads of Super Bowl Commercial 2024. Additionally, we will provide summaries of early audience reactions to the videos. Note that the number of likes and views is continuously increasing. Let's observe how people form early opinions and engage with these commercial ads and concepts.

Superbowl commercial 2024


BetMGM Big Game Commercial - 'Tom Has Won Enough'

By BetMGM - 900280 views - 1.5K likes - 159 comments - Duration 1:00

Comments Summary:

- Positive comments on a commercial

- Praise for Tom Brady

- Mention of Vince Vaughn

- Nostalgia for older commercials

- Mixed feelings about Tom Brady leaving New England

Summary of Comments on the BetMGM Super Bowl Commercial Teaser
Summary of Comments on the BetMGM Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

BetMGM's Super Bowl 2024 commercial strategy involves humor and star power. The ad, titled "Tom Has Won Enough," features Vince Vaughn and Tom Brady. It humorously creates a scenario where Tom Brady, despite his legendary status, is the only person barred from enjoying sports betting. This approach aims to blend humor with the exclusivity and excitement of sports betting, leveraging the celebrity appeal of both Vaughn and Brady to engage viewers.

Michelob Ultra

Superior Beach | Michelob ULTRA

By Michelob ULTRA - 9472403 views - Like likes - 56 comments - Duration 1:00

Comments Summary:

- Positive comments about a commercial featuring Mr. Messi

- Some comments express surprise and admiration for the ad

- Some users praise the ad for being entertaining and memorable

- Others ask about the actress in the commercial

- One user compares the ad to Budweiser commercials

- Some users make references to Ted Lasso

- Overall, the comments are positive and express admiration for the ad and Mr. Messi

Michelob Ultra's strategy for their Super Bowl 2024 ad campaign, titled "Superior Beach," features soccer star Lionel Messi, actor Jason Sudeikis, and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino. The ad focuses on a day at the beach, showcasing Messi's soccer skills.


The M&M’S Almost Champions Ring of Comfort – The Trailer

By M&M'S - 87199 views - 298 likes - 29 comments - Duration 1:05

Comments Summary:

- Bruce Smith lost four straight Super Bowls

- Some find the video funny

- Some are confused by the video

- Some are discussing the voices in the video

- Some are criticizing the marketing

- Some are discussing the colors in the video

- Some are confused about the video's content

Summary of Comments on the M&M's Super Bowl Commercial Teaser
Summary of Comments on the M&M's Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

M&M's strategy for their Super Bowl 2024 commercial involves creating a unique concept called "The M&M’S Almost Champions Ring of Comfort." This concept is based on the idea that only Super Bowl winners receive a fancy ring, and to provide comfort to runners-up, M&M’S has crafted a special ring. This ring features diamonds made from M&M’S Peanut Butter, symbolically offering a form of triumph for "Almost Champions" everywhere. This approach indicates a blend of humor and creativity, aiming to engage the audience with a novel and memorable concept.


Starry | Super Bowl 2024 | It’s Time To See Other Sodas

By Starry - 1466681 views - 779 likes - 85 comments - Duration 0:30

Comments Summary:

- Positive comments on 2D animation and Starry soda

- Some users prefer Starry over Sprite

- Some users comment on the voice actor and the new recipe

- Some users make jokes about the ads and the soda

- Mixed opinions on Starry soda and its comparison to Sprite

- Some users express love for Starry and Sprite

- Mention of the Super Bowl and the 2D animation

- Overall, mixed reactions to the Starry soda commercial and its 2D animation

Starry, the new lemon-lime soda from PepsiCo, targets Gen Z consumers. Starry aims to capture the attention of young people with its irreverent, optimistic, and "weird" approach. They describe their target audience as "irreverent optimists" who seek fun and escape from the negativity of the world.

State Farm Insurance

Like a Good Neighbaaa (Full Extended Cut) | feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito | State Farm®

By State Farm Insurance - 672198 views - 13K likes - 975 comments - Duration 1:44

Comments Summary:

- Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito together again

- People love the commercial

- Great editing and CGI

- State Farm commercial is a hit

- Twins reunion is a classic combo

- Best commercial of the year

- Arnold's cinematic masterpieces

- Great lines and callbacks

- State Farm spending money well

- People love the humor and the legends

State Farm Insurance's ad strategy for the Super Bowl is brimming with heroic flair, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his iconic role. Arnold, known for his distinctive accent, humorously pokes fun at himself in the ad, especially when trying to say State Farm's tagline, "Like a good neighbor," with his Austrian twist. The commercial becomes even more entertaining with the surprise appearance of Danny DeVito, Arnold's "Twins" co-star. Their reunion adds an extra layer of humor and nostalgia, turning the ad into a memorable highlight of the event.


REESE'S Cups Big Game Commercial 2024 | Yes! :30

By Reeses - 342121 views - 1.3K likes - 211 comments - Duration 0:30

Comments Summary:

- People are reacting to a commercial

- Some found it hilarious and chaotic

- Others loved the dog and the grandma

- Some recommend watching it multiple times

- People also commented on the product advertised

- One person loved the ridiculousness of it

- Some found it crazy or outstanding

Reese's strategy for their Super Bowl 2024 ad campaign involves a 30-second spot that capitalizes on the "extreme passion" consumers have for its peanut butter-chocolate cups. It's quite amusing to see the drama happening inside the house when people hear the announcement of a significant change to Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Kia America

Perfect 10: The Kia big game commercial featuring the 2024 Kia EV9

By Kia America - 249571 views - 683 likes - 133 comments - Duration 1:10

Comments Summary:

- Friend was body double for Kia ad

- Emotional reactions to ad

- Song in ad is "Wish I Was Here" by Cat Power & Coldplay

- Mixed reactions to ad, some find it touching, others criticize it

- Some comments about the performance of the vehicle in the ad

- Some comments about the price of the vehicle

- Some comments about the emotional impact of the ad

- Some comments about the accuracy of the ad

- Some comments about the size and type of vehicle depicted in the ad

Summary of Comments on the Kia America Super Bowl Commercial

This is another 'family united' theme featured by Kia, highlighting that we all have someone who has always been there for us. We want them to see us succeed. Kia successfully combines the concepts of an SUV with family and home in this theme.


Mayo Cat – Hellmann’s Big Game :60

By Hellmann's - 13233 views - 94 likes - 0 comments - Duration 1:00

Hellmann's has focused on creative storytelling and humor to highlight their products, often featuring well-known personalities. They have also emphasized themes like reducing food waste and promoting sustainable practices, aligning their brand message with broader social and environmental concerns. The ad stars Kate McKinnon alongside an anthropomorphic cat named Mayo Cat, and includes a cameo by Pete Davidson. The lovely Mayo Cat character, in particular, is very memorable and engaging, adding a touch of absurdity that captures viewers' attention while delivering a message about creative cooking and reducing food waste.

Uber Eats


By Uber Eats - 159561 views - 670 likes - 103 comments - Duration 1:00

Comments Summary:

- Keith is in the Super Bowl

- People are excited to see Keith

- Some people are asking about Keith's role in Smosh

- Some people are asking about a deleted peanut butter scene

- Some people are commenting on specific moments in the commercial, such as the doodle on the face and Usher's appearance

Summary of Comments on the Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial Teaser
Summary of Comments on the Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

In the official ads, Uber Eats gets all the big actors together to forget something in order to leave enough room in the brain to remember that uber eats can deliver everything. However, one thing needs to be higlight is that the trailor went viral too, becasue the Beckhams humorously reveal they will be in a big commercial for a major sporting event, but amusingly forget which one. The ad playfully engages with the concept of celebrity endorsements and aims to capture the audience's attention with its star power and humorous twist. By the way, I really love the idea how the brand re-create the previous viral moment of “We are very very working class”.

Google Pixel

Javier in Frame | Google Pixel SB Commercial 2024

By Made by Google - 36411908 views - 2.7K likes - 215 comments - Duration 1:00

Comments Summary:

- Users thank Google and the team for a project

- A blind person praises Pixel features

- A user loves a commercial with 3 faces in frame

- A marketing professional praises a Super Bowl commercial

- A user cries after watching a moving video

- A visually impaired user appreciates Google's acknowledgment

- Users express emotions and praise for the commercial

The new Guided Frame feature on the Pixel 8, powered by Google AI, significantly enhances the photo-taking experience for individuals with blindness or low vision. It simplifies the process of capturing and sharing life's moments. In his Super Bowl commercial debut, blind director Adam Morse vividly showcases this innovative feature, highlighting how technology can inclusively transform everyday experiences. When we hear " 3 faces in frame", heart melt. Let the world be full of love.


TurboTax Live 2024 Commercial "Family Tradition" (Official TV Ad :30)

By Intuit TurboTax - 2196 views - 5 likes - 1 comments - Duration 0:30

- Multiple users express excitement about winning a million dollars in a Super Bowl contest

- Some users mention using TurboTax for taxes

- One user wants to donate the winnings to help the homeless and wildlife

- Another user is disappointed with the lack of an A-list celebrity

- QR code is mentioned for entry submission

- Users express eagerness to win and interest in the opportunity

TurboTax is offering an exciting opportunity: their Super Bowl File Sweepstakes. This chance to win a grand prize of $1,000,000 is open to all. It focuses on highlighting its tax experts, AI technology, and filing solutions to ensure the best tax outcome for all types of filers. The campaign celebrates individuals making bold moves and living in modern ways, showcasing how TurboTax supports them in handling the tax implications of these moves.


Budweiser | Super Bowl LVIII Old School Delivery

By Budweiser - 3213260 views - 14K likes - 668 comments - Duration 1:00

Comments Summary:

- Many people are happy to see the Clydesdale/Dog combo back in Budweiser commercials

- People have seen the horses in person and are moved by their majesty

- The commercials are considered memorable, heartwarming, and iconic

- The Band's song "The Weight" is a perfect addition to the commercials

- People hope to see more of the Clydesdales in future commercials, especially during Christmas

- The Clydesdales are considered magnificent, beautiful, and well-behaved

- The commercials are praised for their positive energy and for keeping it real with the horses and dogs

Budweiser's strategy for their Super Bowl 2024 ad campaign, titled "Old-School Delivery," brings back their iconic Clydesdales and a yellow Labrador. This ad, set in a snowstorm-hit mountain town, depicts the Clydesdales coming to the rescue to deliver Budweiser to a local bar running low on beer. The ad emphasizes the theme of tradition and resilience, with a focus on the enduring appeal of the Clydesdales and the Labrador, which have been a beloved part of Budweiser's Super Bowl ads for years.


As we reflect on this year's lineup of Super Bowl commercials, we're reminded of the power of advertising not just to sell products, but to captivate, entertain, and even inspire millions of viewers worldwide. The Super Bowl may be about football, but its commercials are undoubtedly about the art of engaging an audience in the most creative and impactful ways possible. Enjoying this? Give it a try on your channel! Let’s see how people react to your content.

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